Nickel Nitrate, hexahydrate – Ni(NO3)2.6H2O

Green monoclinic system crystal. It can absorb humidity, deliquesces repidly in humid air, slightly airslake in dry air. Burn and explode when contacing with organic matter. Harmful!
Used in making nickleage chrome of electroplalte in order to make facture of plating coat meticulous. Used to making other nickel salts and catalyst containing nickel. Also used in making storage battery.
Available: 98

General information:

Formula: N2O6.Ni.6H2O Molecular weight: 290.79
CAS RN: 13478-00-7 EINECS: N/A
Tariff No: 2834 2990 00
Hazardous Class: 5.1 DOT No: UN2725 Oxidizer

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